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ESA orders space radio prototype from RFEL

Following a research contract, the European Space Agency is to buy a software-defined radio demonstrator RFEL, the Isle of Wight-based specialist in DSP algorithms running on FPGAs.

“The research element of the project was a great success,” said RFEL CEO Alex Kuhrt, “so this second, follow-on, contract…

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Government funds £1m space R&D prize

Government funded defence research agency, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), is running a £1m research competition inviting proposals from UK-based companies for technology which will offer affordable space systems for communications and surveillance.

The aim of the government-funded research will be to develop technologies in the…

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Rosetta images, via Chelmsford

For the first time, a spacecraft is orbiting a comet, and soon its lander will be sitting on this dusty remnant of the early solar system.

The pictures of 4km wide 67p/Churyumov-Gerasimenko are amazing.

And every single one has been taken through sensors made by Essex firm E2V…

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CubeSat proliferation highlights space debris problem

Tiny, cheap CubeSats are becoming an increasing danger in space. The mini-satellites could cause catastrophic collisions with larger craft, threatening to produce orbiting blizzards of space debris like those in the movie Gravity.

CubeSats measure just 10 centimetres on a side and weigh a maximum of 1.3 kilograms…

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Fastest space PowerPC processor claim from e2v

e2v has introduced its highest ever performance space grade microprocessor. It is a space-qualified PC7448 radiation tolerant microprocessor based on a Power Architecture e600 core which runs up to 1267MHz.

It embeds an AltiVec SIMD engine, which allows the processor to deliver close to 10Gflop performance at full speed…

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DC-link film capacitor is self-healing

AVX has a range of medium power DC-link film capacitors, which have self-healing properties.

FRC series capacitors are comprised of dry, wound, metalized polypropylene film dielectric encased in a size A, self-extinguishing, cylindrical plastic case sealed with thermosetting resin and featuring four snap-in terminals that facilitate…

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ST adds to JANSR bipolar transistor range

STMicroelectronics has added to its range of Defense Logistics Agency-qualified JANSR bipolar transistors with additional up-screening.

Designed for aerospace systems, including satellites, as well as nuclear physics and medical applications, the radiation hardened transistors were announced at the recent Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference (NSREC) in Paris…

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Space: ESA approves plans for the Athena X-ray space telescope

The European Space Agency (ESA) has approved plans for the Athena X-ray space telescope, which will be the largest of its kind ever built.

Costing about €1 billion, the flagship project will launch in 2028. It will weigh in at 5 tonnes, be about 12 metres long and will…

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Space: SpaceX Dragon V2 is ready for crew

First cargo, now crew – the uber-modern “space taxi” known as the Dragon V2 is ready for passengers. At an unveiling ceremony yesterday, complete with smoke effects and coloured lights, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk gave the world its first glimpse of the upgraded Dragon spacecraft.

NASA is already using an…

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