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Electronics patent of the month: Secure storage on memory sticks

GB Patent Number: 2460304Granted to: ExactTrak It’s hard to hear the phrases, “Your mission, should you decide to accept it” or “this tape will self-destruct in five seconds” without bringing to mind Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt (or for the older readers, Dan Briggs or Jim Phelps) of…

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28nm FD-SOI much better than 22nm finfets for low power.

FD-SOI with metal gate last will be the winning process technology for low power products at 28nm and 20nm, with finfets proving to be a second-class solution, says Professor Asen Asenov, Professor of Electrical Engineering at Glasgow University who is founder and CEO of the leading statistical variablity…

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Altera to launch 20nm FPGAs next year

Altera intends to launch 20nm products next year with volume production starting in 2014, Bradley Howe, senior vice president for R&D at Altera, told a meeting in London this morning. The process will deliver twice the density of 28nm and a 60% reduction in static and dynamic power…

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Microchip moves serial SRAM to 5V

Microchip has introduced its first serial SRAM which operates off 5V. Likely applications are in automotive and industrial applications.  

The EEPROM market has completely moved to serial interfaces, and the flash market is also making this transition, due to the higher cost, board space and power consumption of parallel devices…

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Cypress says non-volatile SRAM has big speed benefits

Persistent serial memory can take the strain out of monitoring circuit design in repetitive event systems such as motor controllers, writes Grant Hulse, senior director of marketing at Cypress Semiconductor. Our world is filled with machines that perform repetitive tasks. For example, factory floor robots move in a series of…

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Toshiba, SanDisk sampling 19nm NAND

Toshiba and SanDisk will sample 19nm NAND flash as from the end of this month and plan to mass produce it in Q3. The first product to be made on the 19nm process is a 64Gbit multi-level cell flash memory. This will allow the two companies to assemble sixteen…

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Numonyx Increases 128Mbit Phase Change Cycles To 1m

Numonyx, now owned by Micron Technology, says it has increased the read/write cycles on its 128Mbit phase change memory from 100,000 to 1m.

The 128Mbit memory, made on a 90nm process, was first launched in December 2008. Both the 100,000 cycle version and the 1m cycle version…

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MIPS and Virage embed fast SRAM in 90nm SoCs

MIPS Technologies and Virage Logic are teaming up to offer embedded memory intellectual property (IP). SRAM memory from Virage Logic ASAP 90nm and SiWare 65GP High Density SRAM compiler families has been optimised for MIPS32 processors. The target markets seem to be Blu-ray DVD, HDTV, IPTV, set-top box…

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TSMC gets functional yields across three 28nm processes.

TSMC, the world’s top silicon foundry, says it has achieved ‘functional yields’ on a 28nm 64Mbit SRAM across all three of its 28nm processes: nodes – high performance, low power, and low power with high K metal. “Achieving 64Mb SRAM yield across all three 28nm process nodes is particularly noteworthy…

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Renesas puts fast QDR II+ SRAM on a 45nm process

Renesas Technology has introduced a family of 72Mbit Quad Data Rate II+ (QDR II+) and Double Data Rate II+ (DDRII+) high-speed SRAM, which it said are intended for use in next-generation communication networks.

Fabbed on a 45nm process, the QDRII SRAM products achieve an operating speed of 333MHz…

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