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Permanent magnets are key, says Siemens wind power expert

Siemens Wind Power, chief technology officer, Henrik Stiesdal will use his seminar at CWIEME Berlin to explain how permanent magnet generators can affordably be used to increase the durability of wind turbines.

Turbine manufacturers such as Siemens Wind Power have been working to eliminate the most complicated and, therefore, sensitive…

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Wind turbine power module operates in the wet

Under harsh climatic conditions, secondary damage caused by moisture ranks among the most common causes of failure of power electronics modules.

Therefore, a module specified to allow for condensation will offer a significantly increased lifetime.

Semikron has designed a power module for extreme climatic conditions and allows for condensation during…

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Smart sensors stop flickering wind turbines

Complaints about wind turbines are nothing new – the noise of the machines and their impact on picturesque landscapes are common irritants. But there is another hated side effect: shadow flicker. “Shadow flicker drives people mad, even if they keep their curtains shut or their blinds down,” says Angela Kelly, head…

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