Thread + 3G gateway for IoT smart home app developers

CECO is a module from iSocket Systems is designed to connect “virtually anything in a home or outside the home, regardless of the location or Internet availability”, said the firm at the IoT Connect Show in London this week.

ISocket Systems CECO Home - Thread + 3G gateway for IoT smart home app developers

Aimed at companies and makers developing smart home equipment and apps, it has wireless interfaces for Thread (including on-board antenna), 3G and GPS.

Software libraries are included to save programming effort, including MQTT protocol support for integration with IBM Bluemix IoT cloud platform, or other MQTT platforms.

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“It’s not like Arduino. You don’t need to know how to programme microcontrollers, because the module is supplied with built-in software to support features in a smart home, said CEO Denis Sokol. “You just build your own hardware solution and use software where we have already provided for most of the features you would like to see.”

The micro SIM card slot and 3G radio allows it to connect to any 3G operator around the world, claims the firm, and it also has a USB3.1 connector for wired communication.

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