US firm patents flexible organic thin-film for smartphone displays

A US-based thin-film technology developer says it has been granted a US patent for technology invented by Ashok Chaudhari and based on the work of the late Dr. Praveen Chaudhari, winner of the 1995 US Medal of Technology.

The company Solar-Tectic LLC has developed the hybrid organic/inorganic thin-film which can be grown on inexpensive substrates, such as flexible and ordinary soda-lime glass.

It has applications in various industries such as solar, displays and OLEDs.

US patent (14/571,800) titled “Hybrid organic/inorganic eutectic solar cell” discloses a growth technique that “for the first time allows for low temperature deposition of exceptionally high quality polymer/inorganic semiconductor films from a variety of materials such as silicon, and germanium on inexpensive substrates, solving an intractable problem”.

According to Solar-Tectic LLC, the thin-film growth process is “very well suited for large-scale industrial applications using common deposition processes, such as e-beam, CVD, etc.”

New York-based Solar-Tectic also plans grow thin layers of sapphire (crystalline Al2O3) on ordinary soda-lime glass or other kinds of glasses.  This can be used as a substrate for deposition of single crystalline silicon for PV purposes, as well as for display applications like covers for smartphones.

It also plans to develop its proprietary technology for Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Field Effect Transistors (FETs) used in displays, as well as Solar Inverters (GaN on Si or sapphire/glass).


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