Zytronic invests £1m to increase touch sensor output

UK-based manufacturer of touch sensors, Zytronic has invested £1m to increase its manufacturing capacity for large format touch sensors used in digital signage and table surface applications.


ISO 5 (Class 100) cleanroom area

The firm has expanded the ISO 5 (Class 100) cleanroom area at its manufacturing in Newcastle by 25%.

Touch screens are manufactured in cleanroom conditions and Zytronic is increasing throughput of large touch sensors of up to 65-inch diagonal.

This follows a number of investments made by teh manufacturer during 2015 when it grew revenues by 13%.

“A key feature of this growth has been further market acceptance of our patented multi-touch projected capacitive technology (MPCT™), which enables multi-user and multi touch sensing in ultra large form factor sizes up to 85,” said Mark Cambridge, CEO, Zytronic Group.

According to Cambridge, the firm saw demand for large touch sensors increase by 50% in volume terms compared to 2014.

Also a new CNC computer controlled glass profiling machine has been introduced, allowing Zytronic to extend the range of customisations it offers in the supply of its touch sensors.





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