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ThreadX to support ARMv8-M–based Cortex-M processors with TrustZone


Express Logic has introduced a version of its X-Ware Secure Platform for ARM Cortex-M processors. The platform incorporates the firm’s ThreadX, NetX, USBX, FileX, GUIX, and TraceX for use with future ARMv8-M–based Cortex-M processors with TrustZone and with existing ARMv6-M– and ARMv7-M–based Cortex-M processors with MPU support. The tools can be used for software partitioning and ThreadX can be used ...

Audio software tests quality of speech in radios

audio precision

Audio Precision has introduced a plug-in for its APx500 audio test software to make measurements conforming to international standard IEC 60268-16 (2011). The APx Speech Transmission Index (STI) plug-in will be used in the development of public safety (police, fire, emergency) communications and public address systems, as well as flight recorder devices. Developed as a method for quantifying the intelligibility ...

Leonardo Arduino board shows at Rapid

Educational charity Raspberry Pi Foundation has released a version of Linux optimised for the £25 computer's ARM11 processor, writes Steve Bush. Based on the ATmega32U4 MCU, which offers 32k of flash memory, the Leonardo board has built-in USB communications. As a result it can be connected to a computer the board appears as both mouse and keyboard at the same time, enabling much more complex programming.