Reports of MeeGo death are greatly exaggerated

meego-logo-jpg.jpgWhere Mark Twain leads, Nokia’s open-source smartphone OS follows…

SlashGear reports of a “reprieve” for the operating system that was the result of merging Intel and Nokia’s respective Linux based systems, Moblin and Maemo…

The CEO of Finnish start-up Jolla Mobile, Jussi Hurmola, has been speaking of his cioopnay’s plans, in the wake of Nokia going Windows Mobile.

“Last week there was lots of news concerning MeeGo, there was the 1.3 Nokia update, and people were speculating “is this the end of the story, the end of the line, will there be any hope any more?” What we basically wanted to say is that MeeGo is not dead” Hurmola told The Voicemail’s Stefan Constantine. “We got such a tremendous response from Twitter and the online community, and then even the traditional media, that we had no choice but to go with it.”

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