Welcome to Electronics Weekly’s Open Source Engineering blog

Welcome, indeed, to Electronics Weekly’s Open Source Engineering blog, featuring the use of Linux and GNU software in industrial, embedded and mobile applications. We hope it provides useful, informative and entertaining content. Please feel free to contribute with comments on the posts.

We're delighted to have as bloggers three Linux experts from Wind River: Richard Danter, Mark Day and Hans Juergen Rauscher.

As the blog's strapline says, we aim to provide 'observations from the coal face of Open Source Engineering, bringing Linux and GNU software to embedded environments, whether for industrial, automotive or mobile applications'.

Open source software

The discipline of engineering, with its scientific underpinnings of collaborative work and shared knowledge, has a lot in common with the principles of open source software. Indeed, open source engineering is becoming an established term, and open source software in general - and Linux in particular - often play a central role.

Reflecting this, in recent months we have run a number of Linux and GNU articles on ElectronicsWeekly.com relating to electronics engineering, from Linux in mobile handsets and its use as an RTOS, to the issue of "Tivoisation" and hardware lock-ins, and telecom networking with carrier grade Linux. Not forgetting automotive Linux...

This new blog will help build on that. Our bloggers are very experienced in the way of the kernel and will be sharing their insights into both current practices and future trends.

If the blog, in its own modest way, can help build the wider community for open source engineering, then it will be a success.


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  1. Interesting blog. I’m glad I’ve found it.

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