Linux industrial net-top has ARM-powered Nvidia Tegra 2

trim-slice.jpgAndersDX has introduced an ARM-based industrial net-top computer based around NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chip. The tiny (130x94x15mm) computer is a version of CompuLab’s Trim Slice, through a joint venture between the firms, writes Steve Bush.

It is offered with Linux, and Android will be available soon, said AndersDX;

“Developers are encouraged to port other Linux flavours or other operating systems to further enhance the multiple application usage of this hardware platform.”

There are actually two display outputs: one full HDMI (1.3a, 1080p) and one DVI-D.

This version of Trim Slice is supplied with 1Gbyte of DDR2 memory and a SATA solid state disk with support for up to 64Gbyte.

Key to the product is 1080p video playback combined with 3W power consumption.

Applications are expected in graphic-rich embedded applications such as security, IPTV, infotainment systems, digital signage, gaming and industrial controls, as well as thin clients.

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