Making the most of open-source hardware

Check out an interesting an article new to the site – Making the most of open-source hardware

This blog is about Open Source Engineering, and I’m happy to include hardware as well as software within that remit.

Written by Gerald Coley of Texas Instruments, the main points are:

  • Open-source hardware offers an advanced start on your design.
  • Open-source software complements open-source hardware.
  • Open-source hardware prepares your PCB (printed-circuit-board)-fabrication and -assembly houses for high-volume production.
  • You may want to share your improvements by making them open-source additions, as well.

The in-depth article begins:

Many designers are familiar with open-source software, such as Linux, in which the source code is available to all. However, fewer are familiar with organizations offering open-source hardware. These organizations release free information, including schematics, BOM (bill-of-materials) information, and PCB (printed-circuit-board)-layout data, covering the overall hardware design.

Designers with this information can build or add to a freely available design. In many cases, open-source software supports the original design, providing additional advantages. Some aspects of open-source hardware go beyond the sharing of the design itself.

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