TI announces Linux kernel support for DSPs and multicore SoCs

Texas Instruments has announced Linux kernel support for its TMS320C64x digital signal processors (DSPs) and multicore system-on-chips (SoCs).

These are aimed at applications such as communications and mission critical infrastructure, medical diagnostics, and high-performance test and measurement.

“TI’s C64x processors have an enviable footprint in signal processing oriented high-performance multicore applications,” said Olaf Soentgen of Nash Technologies.

“The introduction of Linux support expands the utility of the C64x into portions of these applications that traditionally have been reserved for RISC cores. We are taking advantage of Linux availability on TI’s SoC to lower the cost and simplify the development of femtocell base stations.”

TI says its C64x Linux effort is a community collaboration. As part of the effort to port the Linux kernel to the C64x ISA, says the company, Code Sourcery is developing a complete tool chain including support for the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) and the GNU Project Debugger (GDB).

“The project’s goal is that both the C64x Linux kernel and the GCC / GDB tools will be accepted by kernel.org and the Free Software Foundation, making both fully supported as open source community projects,” states the company in a press release. “In addition, TI will sponsor a Linux-C64x portal and a community-oriented distribution program to facilitate communication and development around this technology.”

More information can be found at www.linux-c6x.org/about/

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