Open source is still a software licence - Digia Qt

Digia recently acquired the full Qt business from Nokia, Juhapekka Niemi, director, Digia, Qt, talks to Electronics Weekly about how the mobile software business will develop and grow in a market where open source has growing popularity. Read the full article >>    What is Qt and how does Digia…

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OPEN Alliance SIG drives adoption of automotive Ethernet

NXP Semiconductors claims to be the first automotive semiconductor supplier to license Broadcom’s BroadR-Reach Ethernet technology for in-vehicle networking, writes Richard Wilson.

The supplier is bidding to establish BroadR-Reach as an open, de facto standard for in-vehicle Ethernet. 

Broadcom, NXP, Freescale and Harman have formed…

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GPL licensing issues surround Android

Here’s an Open Source-related story from our new Android blog, Eyes on Android – Android could be badly bitten by GPL licensing

A story on SlashGear suggests submerged issues about Android’s licensing are becoming ever less subterranean… Google challenges Lodsys but Android faces legal firestorm over source sluggishnessBasically…

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ARM cores and virtual prototyping

Imperas – a virtualised software specialist, and a member of the ARM Connected Community – has released its first models of the Cortex-A family of ARM processor cores.

It says models of the ARM Cortex-A series of cores, along with models of the Cortex-M series of cores, are now…

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Open source flavour to CSR, ARM Cortex-A5 licence deal

ARM has signed a license agreement with wireless chip firm CSR covering the Cortex-A5 MPCore and Cortex-A9 MPCore multicore processors, writes Richard Wilson.

CSR will use the multicore processors in a new range of chips for in-vehicle navigation and portable navigation devices.

“We are now positioned to…

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Bug Labs offers fast route to mobile network

An interesting US development to note. AT&T and Bug Labs, a modular open hardware development platform, have announced plans to launch BUG + 3G/GSM. This is a plug-and-play electronic tool kit that is intended to put network ready wireless modules in the hands of emerging device…

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A look at the development costs of Linux

Check out a new Linux-related article on the site – Where is the cost in an embedded Linux system?

Written by Andy Lunness, programme manager at STMicroelectronics, he looks at the distribution of cost in an embedded Linux system.

In particular, he addresses the cost of the development effort, which…

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RMI's 'Android' processor gets Samsung LED TV design-in

RMI has seen its MIPS-compatible Au1250 processor selected by Samsung Electronics for a range of portable LED TVs, writes Richard Wilson.

RMI’s Au1250 Processor is the first MIPS-compatible SoC processor supported for Android aimed at media and communications applications…

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