AMD joins Intel’s Linux OS project

AMD has joined the MeeGo open source Linux project, set up by Intel and Nokia and now run by the Linux Foundation, writes Richard Wilson.

The MeeGo open software platform for mobile devices has created by a collaboration between Intel and Nokia.

The two companies are merging their separate Linux-based Moblin and Maemo software platforms to create a open software platform, called MeeGo, that will run a range of hardware in netbooks, tablets and in-vehicle infotainment systems.

First devices from Nokia and other manufacturers are expected to be launched this year.

“MeeGo represents an exciting, open-source mobile operating system we expect to be adopted by mobile and embedded device makers over time,” said Ben Bar-Haim, corporate vice president, software development, AMD.

This deal with Nokia confirms those ambitions as Intel tries to compete with chip rivals Qualcomm and Texas Instruments, along with a range of ARM-based processors from the likes of Freescale and NXP.   

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