ARM-based Linux PC in a plug comes to the UK


Marvell has introduced an ARM-based Linux PC in a plug for £63. Called SheevaPlug, the device is a reference design, evaluation kit, and usable home server rolled into one, and is a shrunk version of the US-only SheevaPlug released earlier this year.

Santa Clara-based Marvell design’s its own ARM-compatible cores from the ground up, using standard and custom macros, reports our Technology Editor Steve Bush.

“The plug processor is a 65nm chip, laid out at the transistor level,” company v-p Dr Simon Milner told Electronics Weekly. “Because of the 1W power envelope, it runs at 1.2GHz inside the plug, but in the right package it will run at 2GHz for 1.5W.”

Powered from straight from the mains, SheevaPlug is essentially a networking end-point.

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