Lattice targets dev kit at PCI Express on Linux

Just a quick post to flag the march of Ubuntu.

“Canonical has released the first beta of Ubuntu Linux 10.04, code-named ‘Lucid Lynx’, which adds consumer-friendly features such as integrated social networking and a new look,” writes ZDNet.

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Check out details of an Embedded Masterclass exploring multicore options, which takes place near Cambridge on the 6th May and in Reading on the 11th May. See

This year’s half-day workshops also include ‘An Introduction to Embedded Linux’, ‘Understanding the Latest Advances in Debugging Technologies’, ‘A Guide to Writing Device Drivers’ and ‘Applying Time Triggered Software’.

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Lattice has released a PCI Express development kit for its ECP3 FPGA family, writes Electronics Weekly technology Editor Steve Bush.

The board enables both x1 and x4 endpoint evaluation and design, and includes a variety of demo executables – a basic demo for control plane applications, a throughput demo for high-bandwidth applications, a colour bar demo and an image transfer demo.

There is also a 60 day software tools license, x1/x4 endpoint IP core, and scatter-gather DMA IP core.

“Users typically can achieve working PCI Express hardware in thirty minutes, and a known good starting point for a design in less than two hours,” claimed the firm.

Both Windows and Linux versions are available.

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