March of the Penguins

As I mentioned in my first post, more people than ever are getting PCs and Netbooks with Linux pre-installed on them. This is great, but for those who are really lost there is a lot of help out there — if you know where to look…

For all Linux users, new and experienced alike, look for your local LUG (Linux Users Group). Most, if not all, will have an e-mail list where you can ask questions and get a pretty swift reply. Best of all though is that they also hold frequent face to face meetings.

For a new user you just can’t beat sitting in a room full of people who use and love Linux. And for those who already know Linux, there is nothing more satisfying than helping a newbie over some problem and seeing them hooked for life.

In the UK you can find your local LUG here:

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are many LUGgers out there, why not join them?

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