MIPS processor architecture gets Android

With the ramping interest and development in Android, one question is still looming in my mind; Quite how secure is an Android Phone?? Now the race for market share is really hotting up with the near completion of the Limo stack.Lets list them off:AndroidLimoMoblinMicrosoftSymbianBut who will prevail! Is our portable friend on it way out? yes! of course.Now is the age of the MID’s!MIPS Technologies has ported Google’s Android operating system to the MIPS processor architecture, aiming to expand the use of Android beyond phones, into digital TVs, mobile internet devices, digital picture frames and set-top boxes.


“Initially finding success in the mobile phone market, Android is now set to move into other digital consumer devices,” said the processor firm. “Android’s ready-to-use software stack provides a device-agnostic application development platform, and a common framework for the industry.”

The source code will be made publicly available within 60 days, according to MIPS, whose licensees are demonstrating Android products at Computex in Taipei.

Third party tool developers are supporting the port.

Linux firm Embedded Alley – Android is built on the Linux kernel – is offering a version of the Android Dalvik virtual machine optimised for the MIPS instruction set; is extending the Android bionic library, linker and other software infrastructure for MIPS; and is providing integration and testing board support, device drivers, CODECs and other middleware.

There is more on this in Google’s Android marches onto MIPS processors

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