Penguin Powered Cars

Linux, once mocked by the majority of the general public for its sandal-wearing lovers, has now found a new, happy, and soon to be accepted home – The Automobile. Lovers of cars, the petrol heads of the world, are now in awe as Linux is slowly being integrated into the infotainment segment of the automotive world. Take for example the ease-of-use problems in certain well-known, German cars. When a decision was made to increase the time-to-market of a new infotainment platform Wind River was perfect fit.

Wind River’s ability to deliver an automotive enabling platform, a full stack from OS to middleware, enabled our customer to concentrate on their “value-add”, the application, instead of getting caught up in the platform enablement. For more details of infotainment life cycle, and how Wind River is affecting the market, check out the link below:

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