Renesas, MPC Data boast sub second Linux boot time

Renesas and MPC Data have demonstrated a Linux kernel and graphical application booting in less than one second.

The hardware is Renesas’ 32bit SH7724, the firm’s latest SuperH processor, which is based on its SH4A core, operating at 500MHz where it delivers 900Dmips and 3.5Gflops.

“Slow boot times are often unacceptable, particularly in consumer and automotive products where users expect almost immediate access to functionality,” said MPC business manager Jonathan Short.

MPC offers a range of ‘swiftBoot’ services aimed at cutting Linux boot times on a variety of processors.

The Renesas processor has hardware video processing and graphics acceleration allowing up to 720p video at 30fps, and an integrated LCD control unit.

Steve Bush, Technology Editor

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