Copyleft and breaking the cycle of OS fragmentation

We’ve just updated the site with an interesting comment piece from LiMo. From Morgan Gillis, executive director of the LiMO foundation, to be precise. See Comment: Breaking the cycle of OS fragmentation

He begins:

The mobile software world is evolving at a rapid rate buoyed by the infusion of open source principles, methodologies, philosophies and licensing. While this is exciting and invigorating, it is also giving rise to a number of issues – some new, while others give us a sense of “déjà-vu”.

One example of the latter case is how fragmentation is playing out in the mobile industry today – largely a consequence of varied approaches to platform licensing and governance. Fortunately, there are forward-thinking organizations in the mobile industry driving initiatives that hold the potential to break the cycle of fragmentation within the mobile ecosystem.

Find out why Copyleft and OMTP’s BONDI initiative may help provide solutions.

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