Nokia N900 dual booting into Maemo 5 and Android

One (mostly) open source mobile OS was not enough for one enterprising user. He has hacked his Nokia N900 to dual boot, into both the Debian-based Maemo (version 5)and the Linux and Java-based Android (version 1.6, “Donut”).

Check out the video proof, as in “proof of concept”, according to user bdogg64:

Engadget writes:

Hacking is par for the course with Nokia’s N900, so it comes as no surprise to see that a motivated individual has managed to get his unit set up in a trick dual-boot configuration with Maemo on internal storage and Android on a separate partition loaded from the microSD card. He says it’s “proof of concept” for the moment — but to steal his words, “its [sic] real and it could be spectacular.” We couldn’t agree more, and as much as Nokia loves its own code, we can’t help but think this precisely the sort of tinkering the N900 was made for.

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