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Adafruit bears Raspberry Pi prototyping kit

An add-on prototyping kit forRaspberry Pi is available from US-based hobbyists website Adafruit.Designed to snap-on to the Pi PCB, the prototyping plate has both breadboard style and perfboard style areas for wiring up DIP chips and sensors. The GPIO/I2C/SPI and power pins are broken…

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ARM releases Development Studio 5 Community Edition for Andorid

For small firms, ARM has released Development Studio 5 Community Edition, a free version of its reference software development toolkit, writes our technology editor Steve Bush. Known as DS-5 CE. “the new edition is dedicated to the Android application developer community and helps them create native software for compute…

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MulticoreWare works with AMD on OpenCL multicore tools

MulticoreWare has announced the beta availability of key OpenCL tools and libraries for download from its website, writes Richard Wilson.

The company has worked with microprocessor firm AMD to provide support for OpenCL in multicore design incorporating graphics procesors (GPUs) and CPUs.

“We have worked closely with AMD to produce…

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Google opens source code for Android 4.0.1

How open is Google’s Android? That’s a subject of long and sometimes bitter debates, but it is “open enough” for the Mountain View search giant to release the source code for v4.0 – the ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ release, which aims to unify smartphone and tablet code bases.  Well…

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Green Hills flies AVs with EAL6+ certified RTOS

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Green Hills Software has introduced an autonomous vehicle (AV) open platform for the development of secure software for autonomous vehicle developers to host their unmanned autonomous systems (UAS) applications, writes Richard Wilson.

The heart of the development system is the firm…

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RaspberryPi £15 ARM Linux computer due for Christmas

The RaspberryPi Foundation, which aims to put computers in front of children for £15, has taken delivery of 50 engineering prototypes, and intends to get the final version to customers by the end of the year, writes Steve Bush. Based in Cambridge and founded by six high-tech high-flyers…

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Microsoft goes open source with Gadgeteer electronics

We can file this one – at a push – under open source engineering, even if – given this involves Microsoft – no Linux is involved. The Redmond giant has has announced the official launch of Gadgeteer, a set of electronic parts designed to be plugged together to build prototypes or working electronic devices…

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Raspberry Pi lets a TV run Linux

Raspberry Pi is a tiny ARM-based single board computer that enables a TV to run Linux and scripting languages such as Python. Designed by Cambridge business men and academics to engage children with computer science and thereby improve the skills pool from which they draw employees and undergraduates, it…

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