Cell processor programming simplified by Linux tool

itemid-53669-getasset.jpgCodeplay‘s Offload programming tool suite is available for the development of software for Cell Broadband Engine powered devices running under Linux, writes Electronincs Weekly editor Richard Wilson.

The Offload tool suite provides a Windows-based GCC SDK so that code can be offloaded to the SPUs on the Cell Broadband Engine.

It uses the Eclipse CDT and the Offload Player Debugger for executing and debugging code on the target Cell Broadband Engine hardware.
Addressing the parallel processing requirements of the Cell, according to the company, parallelism can be expressed using standard parallel programming techniques such as C++ parallel template libraries.

“Heterogeneous multi-core overcomes the problem of memory bandwidth saturation (that occurs with Symmetric Multi-Threading multi-core processors) by requiring software developers to handle memory accesses themselves, by using separate local and shared memories, or streaming DMA,” said Codeplay.

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