Google opens source code for Android 4.0.1

samsung-galaxy-nexus.jpgHow open is Google’s Android? That’s a subject of long and sometimes bitter debates, but it is “open enough” for the Mountain View search giant to release the source code for v4.0 – the ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ release, which aims to unify smartphone and tablet code bases. 

Well, after a lot of speculation around the exact due date, the code is now out.

To be precise it is releasing 4.0.1, which is the version that will ship on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone (pictured right).

Jean-Baptiste Queru announced the release on the ‘Android Building’ Google Group.

We just released a bit of code we thought this group might be interested in. Over at our Android Open-Source Project git servers, the source code for Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is now available. Here’s how to get it: Follow the instructions at Check out the ‘ics-release’ branch:repo init -u -b android-4.0.1_r1 That’s it!

He goes on:

This release includes the full history of the Android source code tree, which naturally includes all the source code for the Honeycomb releases. However, since Honeycomb was a little incomplete, we want everyone to focus on Ice Cream Sandwich. So, we haven’t created any tags that correspond to the Honeycomb releases (even though the changes are present in the history.)

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