Open source community powers TI MSP430

Texas Instruments has added a strong open source element to its latest development kit, for its MSP430 microcontroller, writes Richard Wilson.

The development kit, dubbed LaunchPad, interfaces with the MSP430 microcontroller line, existing eZ430 target boards and MSP430 devices with Spy Bi-Wire capabilities.

Free compilers and debuggers available for download including Code Composer Studio IDE and IAR Embedded Workbench, providing a complete software development environment.

A LaunchPad Wiki provides multiple production-ready open source projects for evaluation. TI is using the open-source environment is also intended to support design and community collaboration.

The development kit has a DIP target socket, supporting up to 20-pin devices. Pushbuttons, LEDs and breakout pins for external components, mean the kit can be used as a standalone system.

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