A look at the development costs of Linux

Check out a new Linux-related article on the site – Where is the cost in an embedded Linux system?

Written by Andy Lunness, programme manager at STMicroelectronics, he looks at the distribution of cost in an embedded Linux system.

In particular, he addresses the cost of the development effort, which he says any project manager will tell you is the major cost of projects. He also considers other factors, such as open source licensing, the cost in IT infrastructure, bills of materials, and time to market…

He begins:

With the ever increasing complexity of embedded systems, the availability of skilled engineers, better development tools and the evolving connected device world, Linux is today recognised as a serious player in the embedded system space and a viable alternative to traditional commercial real-time operating systems (RTOS).

The adoption of a “free” operating system has radically changed the cost model for embedded systems, but not necessarily the bottom line.

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