IMEC Android app targets healthcare costs

Green Hills Software has announced RTOS and virtualisation support for Intel’s latest Atom processor, the E6xx series, writes Richard Wilson.

Support includes the Integrity real-time operating system (RTOS), Integrity Secure Virtualization (ISV), Multi integrated development environment (IDE), optimising C/C++ compilers, and DoubleCheck static analyser.

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osh-summit-logo.jpgThe Open Hardware Summit 2010 – at the new York Hall of Science – may have sold old, but keep an eye on the website –

Apparently, the organisers will be videoing the event for those that can’t attend, and the site also provides OSHW Draft Definition 0.3

It states:

OSHW Draft Definition 0.3 is based on the Open Source Definition for Open Source Software and draft OSHW definition 0.2, further incorporating ideas from the TAPR Open Hardware License. Videos and Documentation of the Opening Hardware workshop which kicked off the below license are available here.

itemid-54099-getasset.jpgHere’s an interesting one to note. Healthcare costs could be cut by an app for android phones that stores and displays electrocardiograms sensed over a wireless body area network (BAN), writes Technology Editor Steve Bush.

Hardware and software have come from consortium of: Belgian Lab IMEC, its Dutch subsidiary Holst Centre, and embedded software firm TASS.

“The innovation is a low-power interface that transmits signals from a wireless ECG sensor system to an android mobile phone,” said IMEC. “With this interface, we are the first to demonstrate a complete BAN connected to a mobile phone enabling reliable long-term ambulatory monitoring of various health parameters such as cardiac performance, brain activity and muscle activity.”

Data collected by the wireless sensors it transmitted to the phone where it is collected, processed and stored, as well as sent over the Internet if doctors need to view it remotely.

As the interface is based on the Linux kernel, the system is portable to Linux PDAs and laptops.

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