STMicroelectronics speaker at SHARE on-line event

On the 22nd of March 2010, at 11 (GMT +1) SHARE will be hosting the ‘Open Source Software and enterprises: the Bellagio story’. The main speaker is Giulio Urlini from STMicroelectronics

We’re happy to promote this one – a SHARE SIG on-line event. The organisation’s slogan is ‘Improving European Embedded System Industry through Open Source SW Sharing’.

On the 22nd of March 2010, at 11 (GMT +1) it will be hosting the ‘Open Source Software and enterprises: the Bellagio story’. The main speaker is Giulio Urlini from STMicroelectronics, and the abstract is:

Big enterprise environments have well established software processes in place, usually based on commercial EDA and versioning tools which utilization is characterized by strict adherence to strong internal quality policy requirements.

In this scenario, the embracement of the Open Source Software model has naturally implied some resistance from all internal stakeholders, as no evident commercial exploitation and source code control are envisaged. On the contrary, the Open Source Software Model has traditionally been deemed as a threat, being a potential and dangerous vehicle for strategic Intellectual Property blocks leakage.

The Advanced System Technology division of STMicroelectronics has pioneered the adoption and the exploitation of OSS software work flow within the company. The Bellagio project, hosted on the well known collaborative site, is an Open Source implementation of the OpenMAX Integration Layer standard defined by the Khronos group, which STM is a committed member of.

For more details, see the SHARE website

SHARE is funded under the ICT Theme of the Seventh Framework Programme and brings together 8 partners including universities and companies from 3 European countries (Italy, Spain, UK), coordinated by Mr. Massimo Loffreda from SESM (Finmeccanica Group).

It is now running its second year of work aimed to facilitate Open Source Software code sharing and utilisation within the embedded system domain.

The focus of the project is on:

  • Middleware for near real time and mission critical applications
  • Middleware for nomadic, multimedia, networked applications
  • Middleware for e-health applications

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