Nokia completes sale of Qt software to Digia

Digia, the Helsinki-based software firm, has completed the acquisition of the Qt software technologies and Qt business from Nokia. Digia becomes responsible for all the Qt activities formerly carried out by Nokia. These include product development, as well as the commercial and open source licensing and service business. Following…

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Wind River offers Qt Commercial on VxWorks

Thanks to Steve Bush, our Technology Eduitor, for flagging this amazing graphic. Ever wondered what a document of Linux distros would look like, in graphical form? Check out the Wikipedia page for List of Linux distributions. Specifically, check out And…

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MulticoreWare works with AMD on OpenCL multicore tools

MulticoreWare has announced the beta availability of key OpenCL tools and libraries for download from its website, writes Richard Wilson.

The company has worked with microprocessor firm AMD to provide support for OpenCL in multicore design incorporating graphics procesors (GPUs) and CPUs.

“We have worked closely with AMD to produce…

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Wind River releases the graphical Linux 4, Update Pack 2

Wind River has announced the immediate availability of Wind River Linux 4, Update Pack 2 – with graphics support to the forefront.

“As deeply embedded devices become more connected and complex, there is an increasing move towards richer graphics and more sophisticated user interfaces across a wide range of industries. We…

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GPL licensing issues surround Android

Here’s an Open Source-related story from our new Android blog, Eyes on Android – Android could be badly bitten by GPL licensing

A story on SlashGear suggests submerged issues about Android’s licensing are becoming ever less subterranean… Google challenges Lodsys but Android faces legal firestorm over source sluggishnessBasically…

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Mentor goes open-source with GNU and Eclipse IDE

Mentor Graphics has introduced a range of semiconductor design tools or integrated development environment (IDE) based on the open-source GNU toolchain, writes Richard Wilson.

Interestingly, the Sourcery CodeBench tool will provide support for the Xilinx range of ARM-based system-on-chip devices, called Zynq, which will be available…

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ARM cores and virtual prototyping

Imperas – a virtualised software specialist, and a member of the ARM Connected Community – has released its first models of the Cortex-A family of ARM processor cores.

It says models of the ARM Cortex-A series of cores, along with models of the Cortex-M series of cores, are now…

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NXP open sources JenNet-IP for Internet of Things

Low-Power Design is a new blog in the Electronics Weekly portfolio and it has an interesting open source-related post, concerning NXP and its recently-acquired low-power networking software.

Chris Edwards writes:

NXP Semiconductors has said it will publish and license the source code of its JenNet-IP…

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