Welcome to 2009

A new year is upon us and it looks like a year of change. For me the first change is this, a blog. Having not done this before I hope you will bear with me as I learn some new things.

This blog will be about Linux, mostly embedded but not exclusively.

With the current financial situation as it is who knows what challenges and opportunities it will bring. I am sure there will be some tightening of belts and Linux can certainly help cut costs in many areas from embedded up to general desktop use, but change and uncertainty can lead people to cling to what they already know and that may mean not taking a chance on something new.

But I do see that Linux is becoming more main-stream. Over the holiday I took my daughter to a party and got chatting to some of the other parents there. One mentioned they had just given a new laptop to one of their older children for Christmas. It didn’t run the OS they were used to, but it seems they were very happy with it so far. Linux for the masses? I hope so but only time will tell.

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