Maxim launches startup fund

With the dearth of venture capital for chip startups, Maxim Integrated products has launched its own investment fund.

It’s new Corporate Venture Group is to invest in both startup companies and innovative technologies. Through the fund, Maxim will make strategic investments to seed technologies aligning with the company’s focus areas, products, and initiatives, and make it easier for Maxim’s business units to work with smaller companies. 

The fun will focus on automotive, industrial, mobility and communications markets, providing partner companies with financial capital for growth and expansion as well as the opportunity to collaborate with Maxim on mutually beneficial products and technologies. The goal is to help Maxim penetrate these markets further and create a spread between high-growth markets such as mobility and computing and more stable ones such as industrial and communications.

“Investments made through our new Corporate Venture Group effectively augment our successful, home-grown technology solutions and those we incorporate through acquisitions,” said Tunç Doluca, Maxim President and Chief Executive Officer. “These investments will also build upon our current technology strengths, allowing for diversification into emerging markets.” 

Maxim’s Corporate Venture Group will be led by Yoon Choi, Venture Investment Lead. Prior to joining Maxim, Yoon was actively involved in the venture capital community. Most recently, she worked at Samsung Ventures, where she was actively involved in business development, sourcing of strategic investment opportunities and the financial and business analysis of venture transactions. Prior to Samsung Ventures, Yoon worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers and startup companies.

Maxim’s Corporate Venture Group is an integral part of the company’s Corporate Business Development Group, which focuses on mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, investments and divestitures. 

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