Reasons to be paranoid

Has Cadence got start-up fever? Yesterday they hosted a roundtable discussion while simultaneously running a networking event and now they have announced an agreement with the Institute for System Level Integration (iSLI) to support, er…, start-ups.

The agreement will give early stage companies access to chip design software services. Sean Redmond, v-p, EMEA at Cadence said: “As a part of our start-up strategy in Europe, the collaboration with the Institute for System Level Integration is a perfect milestone for us to support entrepreneurs with an easy access to our tools, services and design chain partners.” Its not clear if you actually have to go to the iSLI to make use of the offer but, back to the original point, why are they suddenly so peachy-keen on the start-up world? Its a question I sort of asked yesterday (see blog below), at their roundtable event, although I also alluded to the fact that EDA-rival Mentor and its (embarrassingly spelt) Cre8Ventures business unit got in first with news that it will work with the computer architecture group at Imperial College to identify projects for possible start-up ventures. I was told that Cadence had always done these sorts of things to help start-ups but chose not to ‘shout about it’. And the very next day, an announcement from Cadence on start-ups and the iSLI. This kind of thing gives you reasons to be paranoid.

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