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Valley View: Vertical Integration is Back


The big surprises last week in Silicon Valley were Apple's purchase of PA Semi, and Sun buying Montalvo's technology assets. Why did these OEMs buy their own processor? How much did they pay and did that constitute a good exit for the entrepreneurs and investors?

Valley View: Do IPO numbers hint at recession?


Richard Irving, a partner at venture capital firm Pond Venture Partners, ponders how the Silicon Valley chip investors interpret the year ahead As we enter 2008, the chip industry hopes for continued consumer demand, since this has become the source of most of its growth prospects. Much of this comes from the US, whose economy now faces a credit crisis, ...

Valley View: Innovators wanted


So today's entrepreneur must think carefully about where to start and where to grow. An innovative start-up will always have a core group of leading-edge engineers. This drives where the start-up originates