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Call for papers: IEEE Photonics Conference

The IEEE is seeking original technical presentations in lasers, optoelectronics, optical fibre networks and related topics for its photonics conference in October in San Diego.

2014 IEEE Photonics Conference

IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC-2014, formerly LEOS Annual Meeting) is a gathering for scientists and engineers in photonics and light-related technologies involving quantum electronic devices, as well as other laser and lightwave applications.

It is expected to include more than 500 technical papers, invited plenary talks on industry issues, weekend events for young photonics professionals and students, as well as a manufacturers’ exhibition.

A highlight this year is a special symposium on opto-mechanics – the combination of two previously distinct subjects (see below).

This year’s short course: ‘Introduction to silicon photonics device design & fabrication’, is designed to teach students how to design passive silicon photonic devices using analytic and advanced numerical techniques.

Student designs will be fabricated by rapid-prototyping at a 100keV electron-beam lithography facility. All designs will be tested using an automated optical probe station and the data provided to the students. Students will then analyse their experimental data.

Paper submission deadline is 9 May, and authors find out if they have made it onto the conference in late June.
Registration and other information.

Papers are invited in the following areas:
Displays & lighting
High power/intensity sources
Microwave photonics
Non-linear and ultra-fast optics
Optical communications
Optical fibre technology
Optical interconnects
Optical micro/nano resonators & devices
Optical networks & systems
Photonic integration and packaging
Photonic materials and metamaterials
Photodetectors, sensors, systems & imaging
Semiconductor lasers

Special symposia topics from invited speakers:
Optoelectronic devices for solar energy harvesting
– photovoltaics, solar fuel devices, solar desalination, solar water purification, and photocatalysis
High power diode lasers & systems
– advances along the entire laser technology chain: diode laser sources, beam-combining, optical systems, packaging, reliability, and manufacturing of laser systems
Hollow core fibre space division multiplexing
– the state of the art in hollow core space division multiplexing (sdm) for optical communications.
– developments at the intersection of two previously distinct subjects: optical cavities and micro cavities, and micro and nano mechanical resonators.

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