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Globalpress Summit: VTI Technologies moves into consumer MEMS

VTI Technologies, the Finnish MEMS specialist, is moving into the consumer market, the company’s co-founder and general manager, Scott Smyser, told the Globalpress Summit Conference in Santa Cruz today.

VTI, which had about $100m in revenues last year, made its name in low-g accelerometers, being the No.1 supplier of low-g accelerometers for automotive use and the No.1 supplier of low-g accelerometers for cardiac pacemakers.

Up to now, it has manufactured in-house but, for the consumer market, it will go to an Asian foundry. Asked why, Smyser replied: “Foundry will give us eight inch wafers and we don’t have eight inch wafers in-house.” Its in-house manufacturing is done on six inch wafers.

The reason for adding the consumer market to VTI’s traditional markets of automotive and medical is because the consumer MEMS market is the biggest MEMS market – worth $1.5bn – and it is growing at 18% CAGR.

Gyroscopes are the fastest-growing segment within the consumer market, and MEMS oscillators are expected to have the highest market value in 2015 and the highest growth rate between now and 2015.

What VTI will be making for the consumer market will be accelerometers, gyroscopes and timing devices for products like motion detectors, user interface control devices, GPS enhancement, speed and distance measurement for walking and running, activity monitoring and calorie expenditure.

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