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Intel may be Cisco’s foundry

Intel is talking to Cisco about becoming its foundry, says investment bank Piper Jaffray.

According to the bankers, the deal could be worth $1bn a year to Intel.

Cisco would be Intel’s fourth announced foundry partner but by far the biggest. The other three announced partners, and there are said to be other unannounced partners, are Achronix, Tabula and Netronome.

Netronome is a network processor company from Santa Clara, California Intel’s home town, with whom Intel has been working for five years on development but onlt signed up for foundry services earlier this year. Under the agreement, Netronome also gets to use Intel’s own EDA tools.

Achronix and Tabula are FPGA companies. Achronix was the first, signing up for Intel foundry in 2010.


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