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Laurent Bosson

The semiconductor industry will be saddened to hear that Laurent Bosson died today.

Laurent Bosson

Bosson was one of Pasquale Pistorio’s team of heroes who built ST into a great company.

Bosson ran the front end fabs and made them among the most efficient in the industry.

He loved ST and he loved the chip industry.

He was an inspiration for those fortunate enough to work under him. He always had time for a chat and his views, in that rich deep voice, were always forthright and often surprising.

He led ST’s process technology development.

Born to a farming family, Bosson learned to become an engineer doing evening and weekend courses while working full-time. It took him eight years.

His first job in the semiconductor industry was making manufacturing equipment for Thomson in the days when the semiconductor industry made its own tools.

He was so involved with his work that he would take his daughters to his factory on Sunday mornings.

He was ST’s EVP for front end technology and became Chairman of the Board of ST America.

He was more than respected by everyone in the industry, he was held in the very deepest affection.




  1. Although I did not get to know Laurent personally, the impression I always got during my years at ST from his presentations and points of view was that of a giant of a man and a tremendous leader from the top drawer. Sincere condolences to the family.

  2. We lost someone very special a year ago.

    Mr. Bosson was truly a fantastic leader.
    He was our captain, our “hero,” who led us into becoming a powerful learning organisation.
    Each of the fabs had a different origin and a different history and, thus, something for the others to learn from.
    Mr. Bosson made sure we did.
    Our diversity was our strength in those golden years.

    He knew how to get to the essence of what needed to be done, and always asked incisive questions.
    Everyone needed to really know what was going on and to have credible actions to deal with the key issues.
    Just meeting the target would not be good enough if a trend was going the wrong way.

    He had such an amazing memory.
    He always seemed to know everyone’s name and could recognize them even when they were concealed in their “bunny suits.”
    He would ask everyone how they were doing, no matter who (especially the workers on the fab floor, the operators).
    He really cared.

    It was good to see so that many of us have fond memories of Mr. Bosson in the comments below and in the LinkedIn group for STMicroelectronics alumni.

    We still miss you Mr. Bosson.

  3. Thank you David and All for the article and your kind words for my late husband Laurent.

    Best regards,
    Ninh Bosson

  4. I was so saddened by his unfortunate death. So many good souvenirs building with him the ST manufacturing machine PF1, M5,R2000 ,AMK 8 and consolidating the 6″ in AMK6. So long Laurent ! May god bless you.Your friend Matt

  5. What a pity ! LB was a real manager, from the old times, an example for the whole society. Olivier Catania 1996-2000

  6. I knew Mr. Bosson when I was working in Catania in 1998. A truly real top manager, but before of this a real man. RIP

  7. Laurent was an impressive mentor to Tegal and to the special project we had with STM in France and Singapore. I enjoyed our quartley meetings in France. He allowed one to express their opinion without fear and would always take time to pass appreciation.
    I learned a lot from Laurent in a very small time span, compared to his magnitude in the Semi industry. Thanks Laurent for the short time we had.
    Phil Wilton
    Former global operations, Tegal.

  8. I worked with Laurent Bosson since 1991. I owe him my career in the industry, for his confidence and encouragement. I’m deeply moved.

  9. Sono un ragazzo che lavora Per una Ditta di pulizia a catania.mi faceva sentire impotante quando parlava con me.sempre cordiale con tutti persona stupenda .unico ma dico unico veramente con il cuore.

  10. Un grand homme vraiment. Beaucoup de charisme et un excellent directeur.
    Je garderais un excellent souvenir de Laurent BOSSON. Un homme qui ne pouvait laisser indifférent.

  11. Laurent was an amazing leader, I had lunch with him March 11th on top of his 71 years he was still very active and with rare vision.

    We’ll miss him.

    May God Welcome you in his unlimited love and peace.

  12. A great great Man

  13. An inspirational figure who never ceased to amaze with his creativity and genuine interest in every thing he would do. I had the privilege of working with Laurent for several months last year. He would bring out the best in people. He would say – Be happy, smile at every one, greet everyone because that might be the only opportunity you get to make a difference in someone’s life. We will miss you. RIP Laurent.

  14. I would like to highlight that the photo associated when sharing the page (I did it on LinkedIn), is not the one of Laurent Bosson but the one of Pasquale Pistorio.

  15. A great man ..a very compassionate person who really cared for the people….met him once at a Christmas party and a very humble person. He will be missed. RIP Laurent

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