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LTE Broadcast goes live at the Super Bowl and in Korea

South Korea has seen the launch of the first mobile phone service broadcasting high definition TV to smartphones.

Using 4G mobile technology known as LTE Broadcast, users can watch high-definition television programming using the “Olleh LTE Play” application from KT and Samsung running on Galaxy Note 3 smartphones.

LTE Broadcast technology, which some observers believe is the killer app for 4G mobiles, is also expected to be demonstrated by Verizon this weekend at the Super Bowl in the US. Verizon recently agreed to buy Intel’s cloud TV service.

Ericsson LTE Broadcast

Ericsson LTE Broadcast

The broadcast service is based on a technical specifciation defined by 3GPP.  Called Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services (eMBMS) allows LTE network infrastructure to broadcast video or data to multiple customers simultaneously, making it possible to broadcast content such as live sporting events, breaking news or software updates.

Ericsson was the first network supplier to demonstrate LTE Broadcast at MWC in 2012.

Huawei also supports the streamed video services in its LTE network infrastructure.

In Korea the commercial service is currently limited to selected areas of the country where the LTE Broadcast service is available.

The Korean service is based on a hardware/software platform from Qualcomm Technologies which include the broadcast middleware, a software development kit (SDK) and the eMBMS-enabled Qualcomm LTE Advanced chipset.

For more about the technology there is a white paper on the Qualcomm website.

Intel sells cloud TV service to Verizon

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