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The latest electronics news from UK universities

Glasgow and Bilkent Universities produce cheap large area graphene

glasgow graphene

Researchers at the University of Glasgow and Bilkent University in Turkey have found a way to produce large sheets of graphene, using the same cheap type of copper used to manufacture lithium-ion batteries found in many household devices. The team, Led by Dr Ravinder Dahiya have produced large-area graphene around 100 times cheaper than ever before. Graphene is often produced ...

Southampton Cyber Security Academy targets security challenges


The University of Southampton has announced a new academy – the Southampton Cyber Security Academy (CSA) – aimed at meeting today’s digital security challenges. The CSA is a partnership between the University of Southampton, private companies and Government agencies, and is designed to be a “focal point” for cyber security research and education and outreach. It is due to formally launch ...

University research headlines NI Awards


University research teams are among the finalists shortlisted for the National Instruments 2015 Engineering Impact Awards, which recognises engineering projects using the firm’s software and hardware. Winners will be announced at the Engineering Impact Awards ceremony, held at The Royal Academy of Engineering, London, on Monday 2nd November. Several finalists will also present their applications in technical sessions at the ...

Southampton leads £2.5m environmental technology training initiative

UAV Launch, Portland Harbour

The University of Southampton is to lead a new collaborative organisation set up to train environmental scientists and engineers to use smart technology to make scientific observations. Funding of £2.5m has been provided by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) for the Centre of Doctoral Training in ‘The use of Smart ...

Turning gold into spintronics


Magnetised gold is at the heart of new research into superconductivity for electronics, led by St Andrews. The scientists apparently investigated what happens in a device where a very thin layer of a superconductor – carrying electrical current but without generating any heat – is sandwiched between a layer of a magnetic material and a layer of gold. Under certain ...

Bath University CLEVeR at measuring vehicle emissions


Bath University has unveiled its new Centre for Low Emission Vehicle Research (CLEVeR). And what timing – automated vehicle testing has never been so newsworthy. And yes, it will help measure vehicle emissions (both diesel and petrol engines) while taking into account different driver behaviours. The aim is to bridge the gap between the lab and the real world by ...