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Imperial College sells iKnife technology

Waters Corporation has bought the technology behind the surgical “iKnife” developed via Imperial College London.

REIMS - Rapid Evaporative Ionisation Mass Spectrometry – has been developed by MediMass, a company created by the iKnife’s inventor, Imperial’s Professor Zoltan Takats.

Apparently for the past three years, Waters and MediMass have worked…

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Graphene coats the racetrack for photonic microchips

Another possible application of graphene – photonic microchips, with the manipulation of photons of light to carry information.

Researchers from the Universities of Manchester and Southampton have described how graphene can be wrapped around a silicon wire, or waveguide – the so called ‘racetrack resonators’ – and modify the transmission of light through…

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Verily crowdsources truth amid disinformation

Here’s an interesting one, for our ‘Age of Disinformation’. Researchers at the University of Southampton have helped to develop a system for gathering evidence and information during disaster situations. The hope is it will enable more effective emergency responses…

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TOPCAT launches with UKube-1 to measure space weather conditions

We first wrote about the UK Space Agency’s UKube-1 – the UK’s first CubeSat – back in 2011, when the payload competition winners were revealed.

TOPCAT from the University of Bath and the Bath Alumni Fund was chosen among others, to help measure space weather conditions just beyond the…

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Sheffield builds UK’s largest grid-connected battery

The University of Sheffield is building a 2MW 1MWh smart grid energy store, using novel lithium ion batteries from Toshiba, writes Steve Bush, technology editor. Apparently, it will be the UK’s largest grid-connected battery…

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University of Leicester to host AHS-2014 international space engineering event

The University of Leicester has been chosen as the venue for an international space engineering event – the 9th annual NASA/ESA Adaptive Hardware and Systems (AHS) conference.

Professor Tanya Vladimirova from the University of Leicester’s Department of Engineering, who is organising the conference, said:
“We are proud that have…

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5G comms receives government funding for regional growth

Surrey University has announced a successful bid for £5m of government funding for its 5G comms research, specifically its 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC), centring on mobile broadband.

The funding will be made available over five years and is based on the 5GIC being seen as “a key driver for economic…

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Broadcom helps optimise Wi-Fi links for live music performance

Here’s an interesting one. Bristol is highlighting the research around protecting the use of wi-fi in live performances from interference.

The artist Imogen Heap uses a pair of Wi-Fi gloves in her act, and efforts were made to improve their performance and resilience. The Wi-Fi link…

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