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Artificial hand senses temperature and pressure

A device to transmit manual touch sensations directly into the brain – inevitably dubbed a “bionic hand” – is being worked on by the universities of Leeds, Essex, Keele, Southampton and Imperial College London, led by Newcastle University.

The aim is to develop an artificial hand that can sense temperature and pressure…

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Surrey hosts UKSEDS National Student Space Conference

This weekend the University of Surrey will be hosting the UKSEDS National Student Space Conference.

The event brings together “students, academics, and professionals from across the country to share knowledge of space, discuss the challenges facing the sector, and to create new links between groups”.

As well as talks by…

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Oxford helps Manchester with tailored substrates for graphene

Oxford Instruments, the specialist supplier of tools and equipment that can fabricate, manipulate, and analyse matter at the nanoscale, has won a contract with The University of Manchester’s new National Graphene Institute.

The Institute will research into graphene and other 2D materials by using plasma etch and deposition systems…

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Biotechnology innovations receive EPSRC funding

Twenty three UK biotechnology projects will share £20 million from the Industrial Biotechnology Catalyst competition fund. Introduced in January 2014 to support collaboration between UK researchers and the emergent industrial biotechnology sector, Business Secretary Vince Cable yesterday announced the funding recipients.

The idea is to encourage UK researchers and companies…

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Ultra-sensitive UV light sensor promises earlier fire detection

Researchers have discovered that a material traditionally used in ceramics, glass and paint, can be manipulated to produce an ultra-sensitive UV light sensor.

The team from the University of Surrey’s Advanced Technology Institute believes it could pave the way for improved fire and gas detection.

From zinc oxide…

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3D LIVE project culminates in mixed-reality ski race

It’s described as the world’s first interactive “mixed reality” downhill ski race. A professional skier competed against two online gamers, highlights the University of Southampton, as part of a European research project.

This bit of fun was actually the culmination of research by the European Commission funded 3D…

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Sensor detects single virus in water

On-chip cavities to detect changes in refractive index and microscopic particles are being investigated by the University of Oxford.

A lab prototype can measure refractive index changes down to about 3×10-4, and work has started on one intended to detect 10-6.
“A similar approach allows detection…

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