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Touchscreen hybrid electrodes built from silver nanowires and graphene

Research at the University of Surrey suggests that graphene-treated nanowires could have a role to play in touchscreen technology.

It may, says the university, significantly reduce production costs and allow more affordable, flexible displays.

Researchers from both the University of Surrey and AMBER, the materials science centre based at…

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Southampton pursues rival to graphene

A potential challenger to graphene has been discovered by researchers from the University of Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Centre, writes Richard Wilson…

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Cutting-edge robotics come to the Steel City

As part of the University of Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind, the city will host themed events on robot technology.

As well as a series of lectures and a couple of exhibitions, there will be live public demonstrations of advanced robots in action.

Specifically, there will be a series…

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Cardiff professor wins Sir Frank Whittle medal

Ultrasound imaging pioneer Professor Peter Wells is to receive the Sir Frank Whittle medal from the Royal Academy of Engineering for his achievements in medical engineering over six decades, writes Richard Wilson.

Wells, now research Professor in the School of Engineering at Cardiff University, worked on ultrasonic surgery and he…

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Imperial nanoscientist receives 2014 Kavli Prize in Oslo

We reported back in May that Professor Sir John Pendry FRS – known for his work on the ‘invisibility cloak’ and the perfect lens – had been chosen for the 2014 Kavli Prize in Nanoscience.

Sir John receives his award today in Oslo…

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Layered graphene paves way for high-frequency electronic devices

New graphene research could, says the University of Manchester, pave the way for devices with ultra-high frequencies, such as electronic or photovoltaic sensors.

Researchers, led by University of Manchester Nobel laureate Sir Kostya Novoselov, have found that sandwiching layers of graphene with white graphene could produce designer materials capable…

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Bristol gets cutting edge imaging and spectroscopy system

The University of Bristol will receive a high resolution imaging and spectroscopy system – the first of its kind in the UK, claims the university – courtesy of a £1.87m grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

The NanoESCA is an Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) Photo Electron Emission…

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Leeds, Sheffield join forces with UK Electronics Skills Foundation

The universities of Leeds and Sheffield have now joined forces with the UK Electronics Skills Foundation (UKESF), following 11 other universities such as Imperial College, Southampton and Surrey.

They are now part of part of a UKESF programme looking to address the declining number of UK students signing up for…

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