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The impact of long duration human space travel

What are the health implications of long duration human space travel? This is the subject of research carrird out by the University of Southampton. The work has been identified as a possible experiment to be conducted by British astronaut Tim Peake on his maiden voyage to the International Space Station…

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Metal is simultaneously a conductor and insulator

Cambridge researchers have identified a material that behaves as both a conductor and an insulator.

The material, samarium hexaboride (SmB6), acts like an insulator in certain measurements, but simultaneously acts like a conductor in others.

According to researchers at the University of Cambridge, electrons are largely stuck in one place…

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OpenDreamKit research gets EU funding boost

OpenDreamKit, an open source software project “to extend the capacity of computational mathematics and interactive computing environments”, has received a funding boost.

The University of St Andrews is part of the international project led by the Université Paris Sud, which overall has received 7.6 million euros in EU funding…

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Graphene membrane specialist wins major Physics prize

Dr Rahul Nair, a graphene membrane specialist at the University of Manchester, has been awarded a major Physics prize for the quality of his research.

He is the recipient of the 2015 Moseley medal and prize from the Institute of Physics, the university announces. The award is for his “outstanding…

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EPSRC launches UK-RAS Robotics and Autonomous Systems Network

The University of Southampton is highlighting its EPSRC-backed role in boosting the UK’s ability to develop robotics and autonomous systems.

It is one of the founding partners of the EPSRC UK Robotics and Autonomous Systems Network – the UK-RAS Network – which aims to bring together key academic capabilities…

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A graphite wall artwork in City of Graphene

To further reinforce the idea that Manchester is the city of graphene, a huge graphite wall drawing has been unveiled at the University of Manchester’s new National Graphene Institute.

Apparently, spanning the three upper floors of the recently opened £61m Institute, the permanent artwork “depicts the story of graphite…

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Bath’s automotive powertrain centre gets funding boost

Bath University’s Powertrain & Vehicle Research Centre (PVRC), based in its Department of Mechanical Engineering, has received three grants totalling £650,000 from Innovate UK (formerly the Technology Strategy Board).

These are for the university to work with partners in the automotive industry to improve engine efficiency and emissions…

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Edinburgh incubator has AIMday for sensors

Edinburgh Research and Innovation, which is described as the commercialisation arm of The University of Edinburgh, has announced a new AIMday for companies looking to innovate around the use of sensors and signal processing.

What is an “AIMday”? AIM stands for Academic Industry Meeting, and the Sensors & Signal Processing…

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