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Graphene membrane specialist wins major Physics prize

Dr Rahul Nair, a graphene membrane specialist at the University of Manchester, has been awarded a major Physics prize for the quality of his research.

He is the recipient of the 2015 Moseley medal and prize from the Institute of Physics, the university announces. The award is for his “outstanding…

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A graphite wall artwork in City of Graphene

To further reinforce the idea that Manchester is the city of graphene, a huge graphite wall drawing has been unveiled at the University of Manchester’s new National Graphene Institute.

Apparently, spanning the three upper floors of the recently opened £61m Institute, the permanent artwork “depicts the story of graphite…

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National Graphene Institute hosts commercial graphene workshops

As part of Graphene Week 2015 – an academic research conference being hosted at The University of Manchester – there will also be a series of graphene industry workshops. They will “provide a commercial perspective of the vast potential of graphene,” says the university, which is organising them.

A total of 120…

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Touchscreen hybrid electrodes built from silver nanowires and graphene

Research at the University of Surrey suggests that graphene-treated nanowires could have a role to play in touchscreen technology.

It may, says the university, significantly reduce production costs and allow more affordable, flexible displays.

Researchers from both the University of Surrey and AMBER, the materials science centre based at…

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Southampton pursues rival to graphene

A potential challenger to graphene has been discovered by researchers from the University of Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Centre, writes Richard Wilson…

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Layered graphene paves way for high-frequency electronic devices

New graphene research could, says the University of Manchester, pave the way for devices with ultra-high frequencies, such as electronic or photovoltaic sensors.

Researchers, led by University of Manchester Nobel laureate Sir Kostya Novoselov, have found that sandwiching layers of graphene with white graphene could produce designer materials capable…

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Medical apps at a stretch for graphene infused rubber bands

Graphene research is not restricted to Manchester and Cambridge in the UK – researchers at the University of Surrey (and Trinity College Dublin) have been investigating its use for sensors.

It seems ordinary rubber bands can be turned into strain sensors by infusing them with graphene flakes. Bands around wrist, chest…

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Graphene coats the racetrack for photonic microchips

Another possible application of graphene – photonic microchips, with the manipulation of photons of light to carry information.

Researchers from the Universities of Manchester and Southampton have described how graphene can be wrapped around a silicon wire, or waveguide – the so called ‘racetrack resonators’ – and modify the transmission of light through…

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Surrey setting up graphene research centre

Manchester is getting a rival when it comes to graphene research – the University of Surrey is setting up its own  research centre to focus on graphene.

It will be part of the university’s Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) and will include manufacturing capabilities.

Surrey’s ATI already has photo thermal…

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