IMEC Android app targets healthcare costs


Green Hills Software has announced RTOS and virtualisation support for Intel's latest Atom processor, the E6xx series, writes Richard Wilson. The Open Hardware Summit 2010 - at the new York Hall of Science - may have sold old, but keep an eye on the website - Healthcare costs could be cut by an app for android phones that stores and displays electrocardiograms sensed over a wireless body area network (BAN).

Keeping legacy Linux code up to speed through parallelisation

An interesting Moblin interview with Imad Sousou, director of Intel's Open Source Technology centre, on ZDNet. The Moblin initiative (short for Mobile Linux) is aiming to provide optimised Linux technology for netbooks and MIDs (mobile Internet devices). "Adding parallel processing to legacy code is a desire of every software company that has an existing product which is significant in complexity and which needs to run faster," writes Tom Spyrou on the Intel Software Network blog.

Microsoft sees the Linux light


Just flagging a quick one, from DAC at the end of last week - Mentor unveils Android, Linux strategy at DAC More Android developments to flag, as Google's venture into an Open Source mobile platform gains some momentum. Check out these two items involving MIPS and T-Mobile. Didn't expect to be writing about Microsoft in this blog, but here we are. A bit late flagging this, from last week... but even Redmond is seeing the benefit of Open Source.