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EPSRC launches UK-RAS Robotics and Autonomous Systems Network

The University of Southampton is highlighting its EPSRC-backed role in boosting the UK’s ability to develop robotics and autonomous systems.

It is one of the founding partners of the EPSRC UK Robotics and Autonomous Systems Network – the UK-RAS Network – which aims to bring together key academic capabilities…

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Robotic guides aid firefighters

A potentially life-saving application of robotics has been developed by Sheffield Hallam University and King’s College London, with funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Essentially, a small mobile robot equipped with tactile sensors would lead the way, with the firefighter following a metre or…

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Cutting-edge robotics come to the Steel City

As part of the University of Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind, the city will host themed events on robot technology.

As well as a series of lectures and a couple of exhibitions, there will be live public demonstrations of advanced robots in action.

Specifically, there will be a series…

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Flying Quadcopters learn autonomous behaviour

Flying robots that can show a degree of autonomy are being developed by engineers at the University of Sheffield. The idea is that the robots could ultimately play important roles in search and rescue missions, or operate in dangerous environments.

The team, based in Sheffield’s Department of Automatic Control…

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Bristol steers light-driven ‘micro-robots’ with optical tweezers

Bristol University has revealed some of its work on the development of light-driven ‘micro-robots’ that can autonomously investigate and manipulate the nano-scale environment in a microscope.

In theory, says the university, such devices could allow the investigation of delicate biological samples, such as cells, in new ways…

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Robots cluster around simplicity

Simple robots that are able to form a dense cluster without the need for complex computation have been developed by a team of researchers working in the Sheffield Centre for Robotics (SCentRo). This is based in the University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Engineering.

The work paves the way, says…

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Leeds showcases interactive robotic work

A celebration of university research will take place at the Natural History Museum in London in June. Leeds University is among those taking part, showcasing its interactive robotic work aimed at such things as disaster response, exploration, surgery, prosthetics and patient rehabilitation.

The showcase is part of Universities Week (9…

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Imperial extending the workspace of robots to homes

Researchers at the Dyson Robotics Laboratory at Imperial College London – a £5 million collaboration between the College and the manufacturer – are looking to extend the workspace of robots beyond controlled environments, such as assembly where they work within a strict set of parameters.

The idea is that work robots could…

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