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Flying Quadcopters learn autonomous behaviour

Flying robots that can show a degree of autonomy are being developed by engineers at the University of Sheffield. The idea is that the robots could ultimately play important roles in search and rescue missions, or operate in dangerous environments.

The team, based in Sheffield’s Department of Automatic Control…

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Bristol steers light-driven ‘micro-robots’ with optical tweezers

Bristol University has revealed some of its work on the development of light-driven ‘micro-robots’ that can autonomously investigate and manipulate the nano-scale environment in a microscope.

In theory, says the university, such devices could allow the investigation of delicate biological samples, such as cells, in new ways…

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Video: Robotino XT arm supports mobility tasks

“A robot arm modelled on an elephant’s trunk is helping a Sheffield student in a global project to help people with restricted mobility to carry out everyday tasks, such as helping them to feed themselves.

“Sheffield Hallam University PhD student Chinwe (Lucy) Ozoegwu will use the £13,000 Robotino…

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