Tech news tagged ‘solar cells’

Making ‘perovskite’ solar cells lead free

A team led by researchers at the University of Oxford has demonstrated that the lead (Pb) in ‘perovskite’ solar cells can be replaced with tin, writes our technology editor Steve Bush.

Pb perovskite solar cells have been causing a storm – reaching 17% efficiency from a standing start only three years…

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Bath helps to make solar cells more sustainable

The University of Bath has announced some of its scientists are part of a £2 million research project to develop safer, cheaper and more sustainable new materials for solar cells.

The “PVTeam” project aims to develop new active materials for photovoltaic solar cells based on abundant and low cost elements…

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Inorganics-in-organics technology improves harvesting for 4G solar energy

The University of Surrey is reporting on a development that “opens the door for more efficient, cost-effective and larger scale solar power generation”.

Professor Ravi Silva, of the university’s Advanced Technology Institute has identified the range of combinations of organic and inorganic materials that will underpin new 4th…

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