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Exeter, Flybe host aviation-themed Future Engineers event

Become an aeronautical engineer for the day. That was the concept of this year’s aviation-themed Future Engineers event, jointly organised by the University of Exeter, Exeter College, Flybe and the Fleet Air Arm Museum. It ran on Friday 13th September, bringing together 200 teenagers from 20 schools across…

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University of Exeter partners with IBM for smart meters

IBM will be one of the first University of Exeter Strategic Corporate Partners, the university has announced.

Projects supported by the partnership, it says, include initiatives addressing water management, climate change, sustainability and health. Other areas of collaboration include smart metering, analytics and the management of big data.
“Solving global…

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Graphene promises femtosecond optical response for telecomms

Researchers at the universities of Bath and Exeter are investigating the use of graphene in telecommunications, according to a paper published in Physical Review Letters.

The Centre for Graphene Science at the Universities of Bath and Exeter has demonstrated for very short optical response rates using graphene, which could pave…

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