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Black and white graphene changes electronic properties

A team led by Dr Artem Mishchenko and Sir Andre Geim from The University of Manchester have found that the electronic properties of graphene change dramatically if graphene is placed on top of boron nitride, also known as ‘white graphite’.

They have published their findings in Nature Physics.

The university…

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Graphene inspires search for atomic lego

The University of Manchester is highlighting a review written for Nature, discussing how layered materials can be split into isolated atomic planes and then reassembled back in an intelligently-chosen sequence. Inspired by the promise of graphene, the idea is to create new kinds of materials and structures that do…

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Graphene butterflies

A large international research team, led by Dr Roman Gorbachev from The University of Manchester, have found that when graphene is placed on top of insulating boron nitride – or ‘white graphene’ – the electronic properties of graphene change dramatically, revealing a pattern resembling a butterfly.

The pattern is referred to as…

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