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Plasma-Therm selected for silicon etching at Southampton Nanofabrication Centre

Plasma-Therm has been selected by the University of Southampton to provide deep silicon etching capability for the Southampton Nanofabrication Centre (SNC).

Housed in the Zepler Institute’s new cleanroom facility, the institute also houses the Optoelectronics Research Centre.

“We are pleased to have been selected by the SNC and…

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Science: Information superhighway reaches light speed

Nothing moves faster than light in a vacuum, but large volumes of data can now travel at 99.7 per cent of this ultimate speed limit, writes Jacob Aron of New Scientist.

In glass optical fibres, light travels 31 per cent slower than in a vacuum. Hollowing them out so…

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Paper: Low-loss terahertz superconducting plasmonics

University of Southampton research, in its Optoelectronics Research Centre, has resulted in a paper – Low-loss terahertz superconducting plasmonics. (2012) Low-loss terahertz superconducting plasmonics. New Journal of Physics, 14, (11), 115006. (doi:10.1088/1367-2630/14/11/115006).

The abstract reads…

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