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Broadcom helps optimise Wi-Fi links for live music performance

Here’s an interesting one. Bristol is highlighting the research around protecting the use of wi-fi in live performances from interference.

The artist Imogen Heap uses a pair of Wi-Fi gloves in her act, and efforts were made to improve their performance and resilience. The Wi-Fi link…

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Wireless R&D centre in Bristol establishes connection with University

We reported on CSR opening a new R&D centre in Bristol, concentrating on wireless connectivity and audio for products in areas such as automotive and wearable devices.

Mention was made of the expansion creating a number of job opportunities in the local area, especially for graduates from South…

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Imperial studies effect of mobile phones on children’s cognitive development

Imperial College is studying the effect of mobile phones and wireless technologies on children’s cognitive development.

While emphasising that there is no convincing evidence that radio wave exposures from mobile phones effects health, the university says most research on mobile phones has focused on adults.

This project – SCAMP (the…

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