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Software defined networking gets its Toucan

Professor Dimitra Simeonidou

Professor Dimitra Simeonidou

The University of Bristol is part of a £12m consortium working on software defined networking (SDN), writes Steve Bush, our technology editor.

He writes:

The project, ‘Towards Ultimate Convergence of All Networks’ (‘Toucan’), involves a technology agnostic architecture that which will “facilitate optimal interconnection of any network technology domains, networked devices and data sets with high flexibility, resource and energy efficiency, and will aim to satisfy the full range of quality of service [QoS] and quality of experience [QoE] requirements”, said the University.

Toucan will add to SDN what Bristol describes as technology-specific interfacing and resource description followed by infrastructure resource abstraction, virtualisation and programmability.

Project lead is Professor Dimitra Simeonidou.

External consortium partners are: Bristol City Council, Broadcom UK, BT, Janet UK, NEC, Plextek, Samsung, and the Technology Strategy Board, who collectively are committing over £3.6m. Another £2.4m will be contributed by the participating institution through PhD studentships and research equipment funding.

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